Thursday, March 23, 2006

From the mailbag...

Rui S. writes:
I am jewish and I am from Brazil, I love hassidic songs and would like to know if you have ani suggestion for me. I want to listen “adi ran” but here in Brazil we don’t have the Cd to buy. Thank you very much. Toda Raba.
GE Studios writes in response to RL's question::
I'm not so familiar with Carlebach songs, also I can't really make out the song your are trying to describe.
I'm Haaretz, Ph.D. responds as well:
To the reader who wants you to find the tune 'na na na na na'-- here's a musical encyclopedia that'll name a tune that you sing into it-- 'query by humming'.

Musipedia: The Open Music Encyclopedia

I doubt it has jewish tunes classified yet, but it still is a pretty cool link. Someone should try it.