Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Today's Linkage

Judeopundit has a "Question for J-Blogosphere Music Mavens."

The group's name is Ein Od Milvado. I have another recording of theirs, Hayoshevet Baganim, with the following songs on it:

Baruch She'amar
Bara Oti
Einai Tamid
Lo Nira
Hoyshevet Baganim

I believe one of their songs, Tchadesh P'nei Adama, is popular among the Kiryat Arba crowd. I think I once heard that the band is from there, but I'm not sure. I transcribed a tune by that name a few years back off of Shirim Shelazar Ahav, an album released in memory of Sergeant Elazar Liebowitz Z"L who was murdered by terrorists. I don't have the recording Judeopundit is asking about, but I'd guess that its the same song. It's in the same style. The song was sung at the levaya.

The album I have has absolutely no information as to who the musicians/songwriters are either. If anyone knows, please pass the info along.

Sruly Meyer has posted his "14 Songs That Changed the World of Jewish Music.