Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Matis-heavy Link Dump

It's time to Matis-blog!

Tzemach Atlas links to a negative Boston Globe review of "Youth."

Judeopundit comments.

Jewishfringe asks: Matisyawn?

Steven I. asks "Is Matisyahu a Lubavitch Messianist? He's got audio. also links to the audio. Steven also interviews Hebrew-Christian apostate rapper 50 Shekel about Matisyahu's messianism.

LIFE-of-RUBIN is upset. Here's a related Jewschool post.

Menachem Butler comments.

"Tony Montana" comments on mentalblog.

Aryeh Steiner takes another look at Lev Tahor 4. Hafoch ba v'hafoch ba d'kulo ba!

Chaptzem Blog reports:
CRC has printed a letter condemning Lipa Schmeltzer and his albums. The letter states that anyone that already owns any of his albums must get rid of them right away. Also the letter states that they are planning to print a full list of albums that they fell are inappropriate for a Yiddishe Shtieb.
You may be glad to hear that Yanni was arrested.

MOChassid is celebrating his two year blogoversary.