Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy Weekend for Jewish Music

It's been a busy weekend for Jewish/Israeli music. First, Israeli trance DJ Noy Alooshe collaborates with Libya's Col. Ghaddafi to create "Zenga Zenga", a viral hit across the Arab world.

The neatest part of this is the fact that many in those countries will also see another side of Israel,apart from the government propoganda that is the usual fare there. Comments like this one can only help:
I pray for the Middle East especially during this time of protests against the long held dictatorial styles of government in all those Arab countries.

May you be able to shed the autocracies which have ruled you and lied to you and tried to keep you controlled with stories of hatred toward Israel---instead of being legitimate governments themselves.

The idea of Israel being the "boogey-man" has helped keep themselves in power. This, as well as many other lies, needs to come to an end.
It's currently the most-favorited comment on that clip.

Meanwhile, Yoely Lebovotz goes to the country!

Oh, and Lipa Schmeltzer released a wedding album too.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011 Needs An Editor!

E. forwards a link to a Pinchos Lipschutz article,
"Simcha, Unplugged."

Check this!
Have you ever noticed that when musicians play at weddings, they appear indifferent to their own music? They sit or stand impassively as their fingers run up and down their instruments. As they blow their trumpets, pound their drums and glide their fingers across the keyboard, their faces are expressionless. No wonder. Their ears are plugged. They are unable to hear their own music, much less enjoy it.

The only musicians who visibly enjoy their own music are those who sing. For these artists, singing is an opportunity to express their deepest longings and emotions in music. The singer whose soul is wrapped up in his music has the uncanny ability to touch his listener’s soul.
I know what he's describing. I've seen guys who do that too. That said, the generalization is frankly offensive to all musicians.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Fighting Lies With Lies

Life In Israel posts about a radio interview with MBD about his recent concert "for women only" in Israel.

MBD talks about the lies pro-ban activists have been saying. Like this one:
He said that before his last performance, the one to a woman only audience, Rav and Rebbetzin Landau (the rav of Bnei Braq) called the head of the organization and said that they had been told they were bringing a dancer to perform. The organizer was in shock and after a moment responded that it is not true but there is only one performer at the show and that is Mordechai Ben David. The Landau's thanked her and wished her well. MBD says he is happy the Landaus checked out the story and did not just sign based on what the askan tells them, like many other rabbonim do.
Rafi and the comments section call out MBD on his own dishonesty. He's been flogging a revisionist history for a while already. It's not working.