Friday, March 10, 2006

Purim JM News

In the spirit of the season, here are some JM news headlines the J-media will not be bringing you. Besides, Zev Brenner needs some more material for his Purim show. (Hi, Zev!)

Lipa Shmeltzer Banned; Yashar Books Picks Up Distribution

New Album "Mostly Reggae" A Hit In Yeshiva Dorms

"Guy's Night On" Event At Makor A Success

Nordstrom Recruiting Klezmer Pianists

Wedding Band Covers Original Version of "Ya Ma Mai"; Plays Melody Without Any Anticipations or Reharms.

Lipa releases New Album Titled "Jezzy Rock and Roll"

Eli Gerstner Signed To JDub Records

German Pop Group Scores Smash Hit with "Borrowed" MBD Tune Decides To Increase Coverage of Bk'lyn JM

MBD Apologizes for Yidden; Pays Royalties To German Popsters Dschingis Khan.

Aish, Nafshenu, and Shloime Dachs Orchestras Merge; Sign Agreement To Book All Gigs At Below Cost; Will Make Up Losses Through Sales Volume

YU Hires non-Neginah Band for Upcoming School Year.

Chevra Reunites!

Heeb Magazine Reviews MBD's Efshar Letaken; Gives It Five Stars

Matisyahu Renounces Chabad; Joins Breslov

Chabad Hosts Bar Mitzvah For Osama Bin Ladin On Long Island