Tuesday, May 21, 2024

My Heart Is Crying

The Illustrated Hostage Diary of Moran Stella Yanai

"The Song"

One day I caught a bacterial infection in my intestines. It felt like I had a fever of 40 degrees Celsius. On the first day, I vomited and had diarrhea that drained my life away. I had 20 milliliters of water that they gave me for two days, and I vomited that, too, so my body became even more dehydrated. On the second day, imagine a corpse. My head was slumped on the mattress. I said, this is it, I'm going to die like this. This is hat's going to happen. In my mind, I was already saying goodbye. And we had this thing with their radio. Obviously, we didn't listen to the radio, but when the terrorists would scan through the stations, sometimes they would come across an Israeli station. The door was open. On of them came in with his radio, and he saw me with my head slumped, and as he entered, I heard :Hear Israel, you are the omnipotent..." [From the song "When the Heart Cried" by Sarit Hadad].

Do you know what kind of smile that gave me? And then we remembered the song's end is : "Make it end, for no more strength is left within me." I didn't agree to say that, so I changed the lyrics to: "For I have plenty of Strength! For I have plenty of strength!" and I recovered."


Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Modzits, er, Skver, er, Belz... er...

This song is credited to Modzits/Skver, but it should really be Belz, er,  Belf.


Thursday, February 15, 2024

Jingle Belz!

Tis the season. Election season, that is!


Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Ta'am Gan Eden


The worst ever remake of Guns & Roses' " Paradise City"... Here's "Bnei Brak City".

Monday, February 05, 2024

BD'E - Rebbe Alter

Sad to share that Rebbe Alter has died. His music was catchy, educational, and he was one of a small handful of artists (Uncle Moishy and Marvelous Middos Machine being two others) whose work has had consistent staying power and resonance over the years.

His hits include "Pharoah in Pajamas", "Aish Is Fire", and the "Afikoman Song" (setting it to the melody of Shomrim Hafked was an ironic touch that I assume was intentional).

He educated generations of Jewish children and his songs will continue his legacy. Yehei zichro baruch.