Thursday, March 02, 2006

From the mailbag...

E writes:
I just reminded myself of another wedding where they played during the procession (not for the bride or groom) but during the procession they played the theme music from the tv soap opera the young and the restless.
"Lizard one" writes:
I think you blog is quite funny and I enjoy checking into it occasionally.

My rant is plagairism.... Why do we have to borrow songs all the time..can't we just make up our own. Did you realize that the song Mama Rochel is partially plagiarized from the Disney Movie Hercules. The song is "go the distance"

Thanks for listening.
Shmuel writes about "Letter To The Trusted Peg":
People are so bored these days, they will write anything. Probably some Lakewood yenta who probably got turned off by listening to LIPA. These same people have no prob with the NY Times.