Tuesday, December 31, 2019

In Honor of the Siyum...

Songs of Shas

Been A While Since I Posted One Of These

Peeps you see at gigs.

"The Bored Guest"
This wild-eyed yeshiva guy with a smashed hat is bored at his friend's engagement party. Socially awkward, he doesn't really feel comfortable eating petit fours and making conversation with other guests. So, he'll come over and nudge you to totally change the pleasant vibe and play a dance set because "the chosson wants to dance". This, despite the fact that the chosson told you they may not even want any dancing at the party and certainly don't want a dance set just then. A quick demurral, with a statement that you can't start a dance set without the express direction of the ba'al simcha scotches his plan and leaves him wandering the party awkwardly.

"Don't Worry We Hired Someone Else"
We've run into a few of these peeps over the years. The most recent one saw us playing a Simchas Beis Hashoeva gig on Sukkos and took our card. "We're always doing events locally and I hadn't realized you did this. We'll definitely call you for the next one." Flash forward to Chanukah and we bump into each other. "We had a last-minute party yesterday afternoon. I'd have called you, but I lost your card. Not to worry we hired "X" instead." Because it's super hard to find someone in your neighborhood who you know personally if you've lost their card. Thanks for the comforting knowledge that we needn't worry because you found someone else.