Monday, November 26, 2018

Shame, Facebook!

Anglo-Israeli singers' Airbnb song spreads like wildfire

From the mailbag...

Here's a fun email we received this morning...
Hey there, My name's Emmanuel and I run an adult website guide blog – I was hoping we'd be able to do some business together.

What we'd like to do is provide you with a niche-specific article for your blog provided by an expert third-party copywriter and in exchange, we'd ask for it to include just one backlink to our platform. Basically, you get free content for your surfers and we get a link in return.

Rest assured the text will be 100% unique and fit in with the overall theme of your website. For more established places with decent traffic and a history, we'll also offer you a competitive payment – just let us know what you're working with and our team will get back to you with a price (or, if you're already brokering blog posts, tell us your rates!).

We're kinda curious what niche-specific adult website goes with Jewish music, but we'll pass on the opportunity nonetheless.  You'll have to get your chssidish klezmer porn elsewhere. We're a family site.