Thursday, March 09, 2006

3/9/06 Link Dump

Chaim Rubin writes: "Oh the Sweet Irony ....MBD on Stealing Music!"

Jewschool posts "SF City Beat Reams Matis On Shomer Negiah."

Steven I. writes for the Forward: "Hasidic Rapper Strives To Stay Atop the Charts."

Steven is also reporting that dance magazine "Dance Europe" has been boycotting Israel.
We don’t allow advertisements or stories from Israel but if we are going to run something, it’s with a statement from the source denouncing the occupation she replies.
So what do you need? I ask. A disclaimer from the artistic director?
I want to know where they get their funding
she tells me. If it’s from Israel or from the Israeli government then I can’t run anything on them.
This is outrageous and their US-based advertisers should be made aware of this.

UPDATE: Steven has more here.