Sunday, March 05, 2006

3/5/06 Link Dump

Aryeh is calling out Lev Tahor for ripping off Michael W. Smith.

The Lab Rabbi has some JM peeves:
For one example of shameless grammatical butchering, please hum for a second the traditional tune od yishama as it is traditionally sung.

You would probably pronounce it something like this (caps on emphasized syllable):

Od Yi-SHO-ma be-O-rei Ye-HU-da u've-CHU-tzos Ye-ru-sha-la-YIM, kol SAS-son vekol SIM-cha, kol CHOS-son vekol kal-LOH. [In Israel add here: ay yay yay yay. :) ]

Of the nine multisyllabic words in the previous sentence, no fewer than eight (!!!!) have a misplaced accent. The only word that is correctly pronounced is the last one, kal-LOH. Stunning.

But I'm OK with that, since it's a traditional tune and all, and we aren't reciting it in the context of prayer, so as long as the person reciting the final sheva brochos says it correctly, it's fine with me.

No, here's what really raises my hackles: FAUX CHASSIDIC PRONUNCIATIONS!!!!!!

You know who you are. Typical American, MO singers, who feel a need to impress the audience, or create a certain mood with a song, so they pretend just for that song to be chassidic themselves.
Orthomom reports:
Jailed rapper Shyne is legally changing his name to Moses Michael Leviy - and he's taking out a classified ad in The Post tomorrow to make it official.
Fudge is Matis-blogging: The Matisyahu Phenomenon: Good for the Jews or Bad?

Finally, Menachem Butler has posted a great promo poster for the YU Purim Chagiga.