Thursday, March 02, 2006

Letter To The Trusted Peg

This letter appeared in this past week's Yated Ne'eman:

Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing such a wonderful paper. I would like to bring an important issue to the fore.

Unfortunately, much of our hartzige Jewish music is being transformed into goyishe rock-and-roll songs. Some people don't realize how powerful music is. There are countless "Jewish" songs that come from goyishe songs and people don't realize how they are becoming connected to the secular world more and more. If our music is the same as theirs, another barrier bein Yisroel l'amim will have been destroyed.

May I suggest that we need a hashgacha on music? Just like food needs a hashgacha and treif food is mitamtum the lev, so, too, non-Jewish-sounding music also has a treife ta'am that can cause timtum halev.

Why is music different?

May we all be zoche to see the geulah b'karov.

Where to begin?