Monday, March 27, 2006

Rochelle Maruch Miller Phones It In

Here's the lede from this month's Coutry Yossi Magazine ad, er, cover article on Eli Gerstner's Chassidish Accapella release:
Eli Gerstner. Composer, performer, conductor, arranger and producer extraordinaire, he has raised the bar in Jewish music. As the creative force who brought us the Chevra, Menucha, Tek-noy and the Yeshiva Boys Choir, Eli has established himself as a musical genius, whose compositions have become an integral part of our simchas, enriching our lives immeasurably. With his finger on the pulse of Jewish music, he is considered to be one of the industry's most influential voices. Indeed, virtually every one of his albums has been a sellout success, and his musical compositions are requested time and again. That each new release is an eagerly anticipated event attests to Eli's keen musical acumen and his impeccable standards of professionalism and quality.
Let's see...

composer/producer extraordinaire - check
musical genius - check
every album a sellout success - check (anybody else see the irony in sellout success?)
finger on the pulse of Jewish music - check
compositions requested time and again - check
bar raised in Jewish music - check
enriched our lives immeasurably - check
new release eagerly anticipated - check

At this point, Miller's just phoning it in.

For more glorious flattery, you'll have to pick up the dead tree edition.