Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Shushan Purim Humor, News, and Comments

A bit late, here's Jewschool's JBloggers Purim Spiel '66 which we collaborated on. A big shout out to all who helped. It was fun to bounce ideas back and forth, and many funny ideas that didn't make it in were discussed.

The footnotes aren't showing up for some reason in the Matisyahu letter as posted, so we're posting the document (obtained by Dm's crack investigative staff) here.

Here's some other material that didn't make the cut for one reason or another. Not all is JM related.


Feminists protest "Jewish Women Watching"; "Jewish Women Doing" protest passive name.

Matisyahu releases new album of Reggae versions of Yiddish Classics. Musical arrangements by Suki Berry and Bill Laswell.


Op-ed writer wanted for North Bergen Jewish publication. Contact the Jewish Voice and Opinion. Ask for S.A. Halevi. Confidentiality guaranteed.

Orthodox Jewish singer needed for concert at Hebrew Messianic "Temple" in NYC. Female preferred. Must be well-known. We promise not to missionize during the concert. Contact "Rabbi" Bruce.

Lubavitch Reggae singer seeks band and management. Influences: Matisyahu, Matisyahu, and Matisyahu. No phonies or poseurs. Major Label interest.

News from the future:

Birthright America sponsors trips to the USA so teenage Nefesh B'nefesh descendants can get closer to their heritage through visiting their ancestral homelands.

Cafe Press ideas:
Matisyahu wearing a Carlebach hoodie with a speech bubble “Lord, get me high!”
How about a “Besamim yes, weed no!” logo?

Cartoon editorial:

Movie description:

Truman Capote, during his research for his book, "In Cold Blood"; an account of the Agribusiness/PETA controversy, during which the writer develops a close relationship with Rabbi Moshe Rubashkin.