Sunday, March 19, 2006

3/19/06 JM Link Dump

Hey, we've been interviewed!

Liel Liebovitz writes on Matisyahu and race in "Black Like Me" for the Jewish Week. Here's a clunker we noticed over Shabbos:
To be sure, other artists who have begun as marketing schemes have since risen to prominence. Eminem, to cite the best example, got his first break for being the first white rapper, became successful for appealing to a large white audience otherwise indifferent to hip-hop and went on to become one of the genre’s most esteemed musicians, regardless of skin color.
First white rapper??? Um, that would arguably be the Beastie Boys, who Liebovitz mentions earlier in the article. Vanilla Ice also definitely preceded ol' M&M. Word!

Those racist Israelis demonstrate their intolerance yet again by choosing a Black Hebrew to represent them at Eurovision.

Next Year's Man writes about his Purim tish:
For me one highlight of the evening was Treppenwitz playing Miserlou on the trombone -- and not the Pulp Fiction version, but rather a slow shmaltzy Jewish wedding version that I gamely tried to get 50 drunken men to do the moves to in their seats. I think you had to be there. Or not.
T, tell me you didn't play Zemer Atik next!

I want a Trash Kat!

Prince is doing teshuva! Word is he'll soon be guest posting over at Beyond BT.

Chaim is thanking MBD!
That's all for now, but in all honesty I wanted to thank MBD and company for supplying me with so much material over the last week. I owe your whole crew a big yashar koach.
Here's a review of Ari Boiangiu's Rosh Ashmurot.

Romach on chazzanus: "Take it Outside!"

Here's Billboard:"Matisyahu Parts Ways With Longtime Management."

Jason Brzoska has some interesting comments on Matisyahu.


Moving on after Matisyahu... JDub Records is growing.