Tuesday, May 29, 2007

From the mailbag... - Updated

Jordan writes:
I agree with you regarding the quantification of a halachik process on these issues. As you quoted, my agreement with R' Belsky is on a Hashkafic level. It seems to me that one of the biggest challenges in discussing the issur of music during sefira is that the halachic information on it pre acharonim times is mushy at best, and rather limited. Most of what we regard as halacha during aveilus, sefira, or maybe even the three weeks is minhag, albeit strongly held minhag.
Personally, I think any article addressing these issues, especially one purporting to represent "the halacha" needs to express precisely this point.

Sara Elan writes:
At the shul dinner for Cong. Tiferes Yisroel (R' Menachem Goldberger's shul) on Baltimore, Rabbi Goldberger performed with Pey Dalid. The shul website has a short video clip. I think you will like Rabbi Goldberger's comment!
Hey, another rabbinic endorsement!

Psachya writes:
Your "eye-contact guy" reminded me of something that happened to me on a recent gig. I was hired by one of my regular bandleaders to be a one-piece band at the bar-mitzvah of a mutual friend's son. I had just started playing when a fellow walked right up to the bandstand, stared at me, then waved his hand dismissively and walked away. "Nice," I thought. A couple of minutes later, the guy walked back up and stared for another few seconds. Finally, he spoke.

"Y'got a name?" he asked.
"Yeah," I said, not wanting to give way.
"So, nu?" he said. Now I was a bit ruffled.
"Psachya," I said. "It's Psachya."
"Okay....Psachya," said my tormentor. "If you won't give out your own business cards, maybe you'll give out these!" He then slammed a pile of business cards on top of my keyboard.

I did a double-take. I finally realized that "Mr. Eye-Contact-Guy" was my boss for the evening, who had shaved off the beard he'd had for as long as I'd known him! He noticed that I didn't recognize him, so he decided to mess with my head. I totally lost it. For the rest of the gig, every time I saw him I got an uncontrollable case of the giggles.
J. writes:
I think some type of classified is a great idea!
There's been some interst in this concept. I still don't want to manage these, though. As a trial, I'd consider linking to individual for sale posts on craigslist or elsewhere. Send me an email with your name and the ad link and I'll post it. Let's see how it works.

E. comments on a new Sameach DVD release:
for only 20 bux plus tax you can own your very own copy of someone elses choppy home movies set to to Miami Boy music! Here's the link.
I don't get it either. I also don't get why they're releasing the Chazak video either. Gruntig comments on the video here.

Update: Sruly writes:
In regards to the Meet the Family DVD:

"There are only a couple musical segments on the DVD. The rest is actual stories based on books published by Feldheim Publisher by a popular Jewish children's author, Libby Lazwenik. The DVD is 45 minutes long, I think if you want to pose such questions its best to actually have bought and watched the DVD in full."

In regards to the Chazak Concert DVD:

The Chazak concert was already released many years ago on video and CD. This is the first time it has been released on DVD. It's no longer available on video or cassette, it's a popular item and stores were asking for it to be transferred to DVD"
He also emails the full description of the "Meet the Perlowitz's video.
Based on best-selling author Libby Lazewnik's popular tales, each of these stories will delight and captivate every young heart - and the young at heart, too! Introducing, for the first time ever on video, stories plucked from the life of the family you love to read about -- the Perlowitzes! Join Sruly Perlowitz as he learns a painful but ultimately heartwarming lesson about friends and family. Cheer for Mutty as he finally learns to stand up for himself in Mutty Takes a Stand, And, in the perennial favorite, Out in the Cold, discover how an unexpected encounter on a dark, chilly night can change one lonely boy's life forever. Special bonus features included: Music video, bloopers, behind the scenes and a preview of Volume 2. (Running time: 45 minutes)
"Lucky Wolf" writes:
you're on the money, except that it's not the Miami boys choir, it's the Yeshiva boys choir.
Avi Septimus writes:
For all the lovers of Modzitzer niggunim and Torah, there is a Yahoo group with news, pictures, and best of all, niggunim. Link here.

I spent Hoshana Rabba, Simchat Torah, and a few Shabbatot by Modzitz in Bnei Brak. Quite an experience!
Amos Shacham, internet director for the Israelli Consulate writes:
I just wanted to bring to your attention to our new all political Blog. This is the official political Blog of the state of Israel. It's edited by our team of young professionals here at the Israeli Consulate in NY. Let us know what you think?

Here's the link to IsraelPolitik