Tuesday, May 15, 2007

5/15/07 Link Dump

There will be a memorial event/concert for klezmer clarinetist Sid Beckerman, son of legendary klezmer musician Shloimke Beckerman, on Monday, May 21 at 8pm at the Congress for Jewish Culture, 25 E. 21st St. in NYC. Margot Leverett and Pete Sokolow will be performing. Sid passed away on April 4th.

Margot, whose wonderful CD, "The Art of the Klezmer Clarinet", was dedicated to Sid has posted some thoughts here.

The Klezmer Shack posts Henry Sapoznik's obituary for Sid.

Yitz went to hear a famous chazzan last Shabbos and asks "Was it Davening?"

Unsurprisingly, Teapacks is out of the Eurovision competition.
Kesher Talk posts some video clips of interviews with Teapacks.

The Jerusalem Post reviews Bahatzi Halaila 4.
Ultimately, the experience of listening to Bahatzi Halaila must be a lot like the feeling of zooming down the highway inside a big, sticker-covered van filled with reveling, newly religious Breslov hassidim.
Seraphic Secret reviews the Yeshiva of Flatbush High School choir release, "Y'hey Shalom".

Finally, LIFE-OF-RUBIN posts a JM roundup including a video clip of the original version of "Daddy Dear".