Friday, May 11, 2007

From the mailbag...

Psycho Toddler writes:
Speaking of myspace…

I am experimenting with music download marketing since CD production doesn’t really pay for me.

Kabbalah and Kabbalah Classic are available for download with secure payment through Snocap at

This is the only way to get these albums. Songs can also be purchased individually, and there is a “bonus” track called “Shivti” written by Izzy Botnick on the Kabbalah Classic album. It also features a redo of “Or Chadash” with Lenny Solomon on organ.

I wasn’t sure how/when to market it, but it seems JM marketing is back in swing after Lag Baomer.

Here’s a graphic if you want to use it.

Kabbalah was banned at the high school I attended. If not for that, I'd likely not have heard of them.

Mrs. C writes about the Mheira karaoke request:
If you find out where or how, could you please post it to the website.
Meanwhile "MusicMaaaker" writes:
You can let him know that for some gelt I will gladly make him one. Tell him to email me if interested.
Delia Spiers forwards a link to her MySpace page,