Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blog in Dm's New MySpace policy

Priviously, I've maintained a policy of not linking to MySpace, due to the prevalence of inapropriate content on the site. The trigger was when I visited a young frum musicians' page and saw a lot of comments (w/photos) of "friends" from the er, adult entertainment industry. These comments were thanking him for the "add" etc. I didn't feel comfortable linking to such pages. And, since it was likely that a page would recieve such comments/links after I'd linketo it, I avoided doing so even if the page contained no improper content at the time.

Since MySpace was bought awhile back by Rupert Murdoch, they've made efforts to clean the site up and there's been noticeable improvement. Given the reality that there are many Jewish musicians whose sole internet presence is on MySpace, and the fact that the site is substantially improved in terms of less direct exposure to inappropriate content, I'm going to start linking to MySpace pages provided that there is no inappropriate content on the page in question.

So, if you've submitted a MySpace page in the past, feel free to resend it. However, if you've got adds/comments from "adult friends" and the like, don't submit your link. Thanks.