Thursday, May 10, 2007

5/10/07 Link Dump

Mordechai Shinefield reviews Y-Love's Sefirah album for The Forward. Y. Love sat in at a recent wedding gig. Fun!

Here's a video clip of saxophonist Danny Zamir recording an arrangement of Hatikvah.

Oh man, those wild and rowdy Boston Pops Opening Night Concerts!

Yoseph Leib writes about Basya Schechter's new album, Haran.

On The Contrary......................... links to a great mussar clip featuring Ernie on sax and rubber duck!

Teruah writes about music on the fringe Jewishly and otherwise. He's also posted "Sefira and Jewish A Cappella Pt 2."

MOChassid paskens like Blog in Dm's 2003 psak.

MOChassid also reviews Eitan Katz's new Carlebach unplugged CD. It looks like one of the tunes might not be Carlebach, though. Ayin sham!

Jew School posts Sagol 59's response, "Shoah Business" to Subliminal's "Shoah" track.

Frum Satire is complaining about "renegade chazzans."

Avraham Rosenblum has created a music video for Kedem featuring "a visual review of recent events in Israel."