Thursday, June 07, 2007

6/7/07 Link Dump

AP reports that 1,683 guitarists got together to play "Smoke On The Water." Afterwards, they played the "B" section of Keitzad Merakdin.

Jewish Rock sampler with clips from Eitan Katz, Aaron Razel, Elyon, Yehuda Green, and HaMakor.

Get your SoCalled mp3's over at Jewschool.

The Police 'suck!'

Bob From Brockley posts some World Music/Jewish Music clips. Neat stuff! The Maurice El Medioni disc sounds good.

Amazon has it here:

I have Maurice El Medioni's "Cafe Oran" disc. It's great. Frank London and Dave Krakauer guest on it.

Amazon has that disc here:

Apple is hiding user ID info in their non-DRM tracks also.

Chaptzem Blog! reports that the Vishnitzer wedding hall in Boro Park has been sued and will cease operations after fulfilling its current obligations. The opening of wedding halls on residential blocks is a huge problem.

The Jewish Week reports on a Bat Mitzvah girl who donated $20,000 of her Bat Mitzvah gift's to Zichron Menachem's music therapy program for young cancer patients. Just beautiful!

Tzadik has left the building eMusic.

Heichal HaNegina posts about R' David Zeller's passing and about some new Carlebach-esque musicians.

The J-Post profiles the Cohen family in "It's A Family Thing."

Steve Vai: Bulgarian Wedding Guitarist?

Finally, J-RockerRabbi Seth Nadel has started a Torah blog.