Thursday, March 04, 2004

Yet More Wedding Customs

"EmanSouth" contributes the following:

It is required that a tone-deaf relative or good friend of the chasan or
kallah must sing off key under the chupah. Better yet is a group of friends
of the chassan who 'harmonize' under the chupah in ear-splitting fashion.

It is required that Rabbanim who know they are being called upon to say a
bracha under the chupah sit a minimum of 20 rows back, preferrably right in
the middle of the row so that they can make as big a scene and disturb as
many people as possible.

It is required that the kallahs friends bring their cameras and take scores
of flash pictures during the Chupah procession and the chupah itself,
thereby disrupting the lighting of professional photographer.

"Rotzeh B'ilum Shemo" adds:

There will always be at least one man demanding you to play a certain song because he's either related to the C/K, best friends of the C/K, etc....
Actually getting the band to play that specific song is an automatic entrance into Gan Eden.