Sunday, March 28, 2004

Link Dump

JWR has an article on Grammy Jews.

The Exchange has a writeup on Blue Fringe manager Jon Perl. Apparently, he's now manging Soulfarm as well. Look for those bands to appear together frequently.

The Jewish Week has a pair of articles, one on Hip Hop Hoodios and the other about Avraham and Mo Rosenblum.

Here's Lev Tahor's new Album cover. It nice to see well-designed artistic covers like this one as well as the one on their previous album. All too often, JM covers are poorly designed or just plain silly. Extra credit will be awarded to anyone who can distinguish between all of the various Dedi albums.

Here's a Forward article on Dana Mase, and here's another Forward article on this year's Chol Hamoed concert at the circus.

Here's a Jerusalem Post report on Lenny Solomon.
I can't define my fans. When I go to New York, the typical Schlock Rock fan is three to 13 years old, and their parents. When I go to Arizona, I'll play at the university. I've played in England to senior citizens.
Greg Sandow has a few interesting posts on "how to kill classical music" that are thought-provoking.

Jazz & Blues Music Reviews has an interesting commentary by Mark Kleinhaut on people burning copies of his music.

Here's the Neginah acapella ad MO Chossid railed about. Tres' interesting!

Velvel compares the Mizmor L'David intro to many of the "kapitlach" Tehillim to Hip-hop, "Lehavdil."

Jewsweek reviews the Fiddler On the Roof revival.

And finally... all together now…dub dub!