Monday, March 29, 2004

Pesach Cleaning Part Deux - Old JM PR Watch

During the aforementioned Pesach cleaning, I came across the April 1998 edition of Country Yossi Magazine. The cover "story" was about Yachad, an upcoming Yerachmiel Begun produced event, featuring vocalists Yisroel Williger, Mendy Wald, Shloime Dachs, Yeedle Werdyger, Shlomo Simcha, and Nachum Stark. The entire article is really precious.

Sample 'graf:
Expounding on the yachad in Yachad, Shlomo Simcha offers his own perspective, "The concept is incredible because everyone is working together. Achdus promotes itself, and that's why it's had such a tremendous response.
There's no lack of material to highlight here; I've chosen the following because I think it was funny then and even funnier in retrospect.
Yisroel Williger: Yachad at Brooklyn College promises to be more than a concert because the success of Yachad isn't defined by convention. It's truly an original worthy of Yerachmiel Begun."
The writer continues:
And Yisroel should know. Yerachmiel has guided his career with remarkable aplomb. As Williger explains, "I am very lucky to have a real hands-on producer/manager whose attention to detail is legendary." Now, poised for the release of his second album, to follow the succes of "Voice Of A New Generation," Williger fully appreciates how precise Begun is "in terms of show, song selection, career moves, and guiding me in how and what to do." And Williger matches that commitment with his own, "We're working day in and day out to make sure that the sound is very 90's, yet very recognizably heimish, in the true tradition of Jewish music." And of course the buzz is that it will be very successful, with arrangements by Moshe Laufer, and very appealing with songs that offer intergenerational appeal.
And then there was this:
Yerachmiel's viewpoint reflects the initiative of Yachad, "Yachad integrates the best of who we are as Jewish performers and Jews. Jewish music has to be Torahdik. It should not be diminished by influences that breach our sensitivities. We must be vigilant to create entertainment venues that create a Kiddush Hashem, otherwise we contribute to a collective 'avla' that is more destructive because it takes achdus and applies it with negative ramifications." Concerned that Jewish music may be detouring from the inspirational to the outrageous and the sensational, Yerachmiel has joined forces with others in the industry and community who have expressed their concern. Shirainu - Keeping The Jewish In Jewish Music is the organization that promises to inform the public and the industry of its responsibility to maintain Jewish decorum and dignity so that we are not distracted by secular persuasions. As such, it is appropriate to inaugurate the first in a series of Shirainu concerts as a separate seating event. Noting the significance of the Shirainu concept, Yerachmiel urged, "We have seen the enthusiasm that suffuses the audience when these artists perform solo, in concert. Together, under the Yachad banner, that exuberance will be multiplied sixfold. Though the evening is expected to be overwhelmingly fun and exciting it should be in the right mood and under the proper supervision."
Disclaimer: The spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors are as they were in the original.