Thursday, March 11, 2004

Fundraising Marathon

JM in the AM is having its annual fundraising marathon. While the idea of a commercial-free Jewish Music/Jewish interest program may be worth supporting (personally, I'm not convinced that it is -- at least not this iteration of it), I am definitely uncomfortable with the following part of this year's pitch.
With a successful 2004 campaign I hope we can realize one of our most ambitious goals yet - a 24 hour Jewish web stream, allowing continuous access to the great Jewish programming for which JM in the AM is famous. Our ability to realize this goal in 2004 depends largely on the outcome of our fundraising marathon from March 8th to March 19th.
Why is this something that the community should support? There is at least one webcast,, that already does this. There are others in the works that have similar goals as well and they are all commercial enterprises in which people have invested time, money, and energy. Why should the community subsidize a competing channel? With all of the worthy causes struggling for funds, should we really be subsidizing JM in the AM's R&D?