Monday, March 01, 2004

Guide to Jewish Wedding Minhagim

Over the years, I've discovered that there are many customs associated with the traditional Orthodox wedding that people are unaware of. Here's a listing of some of them.

Note: Local customs vary somewhat. Some of these minhagim may vary depending on the hall, caterer, photographer, or band at a given affair.

1) The men must sing off beat at the badekin and after the chupa. Some are machmir to sing off-key as well.
2) The men must start a minyan for Ma'ariv in the most inconvenient location and at the most inconvenient time. At Ateres Chaya, for example, the minhag is to daven Ma'ariv in front of the men's bathroom and the washing station.
3) The photographer must push the guests around.
4) The photographer must obstruct the guest's view of the chupa. B'dieved, if the photographer is otherwise occupied, the caterer may do this instead.
5) The couple must not enter the ballroom until at least one hour after the chupa, but an hour and a half delay is ideal.
6) The waiters must put ice in the urinals. This is definitely the minhag hamakom at Sephardic Temple in the Five Towns.

Your additions to this list are welcomed.