Sunday, March 14, 2004

News Flash reports: "Bush Ads Attack Kerry; Uses Jewish Music As Background"
The complaints regarding the ads are not based on the content but on the background music that is being used throughout the video and radio spots.
"The bastards are playing the tune to 'Hava Nagila', a traditional Jewish song," stated a senior member of John Kerry's campaign who wished to remain anonymous, "I'm not sure why they are doing that. That is just mean. Yeah, the guy is partly Jewish, but so what? Why make fun of him? He did like the music though."
"In no way are we or were we trying to make fun of him for being partly Jewish," stated a senior White House spokesperson, "It's just showing you who John Kerry is. Is he embarrassed to admit he is Jewish? I don't understand why he complains about the music. We figured he would enjoy that tune. Besides, we think it might help him if people know he is Jewish. I mean, people don't mind electing a Jewish president at all. Look at all the Jewish Presidents we had in the past. Oh. We didn't have any? Oh Geez. Sorry Kerry. I hope that does not affect your campaign."