Wednesday, January 17, 2007

From the mailbag...

D. submits some more peeps.
1) Cell phone up to speaker guy. A new thing that I see a lot of, where a guest holds his phone up to a speaker to play the music to someone on the other end….I am sure it comes through crystal clear……

2) The “I need to get my husbands attention from behind the mechitza, at (Insert name of favorite hall here________), but my husband seems to not look in my direction the whole time.” I love when after a few minutes of trying in vain to get their husbands direction; they cross out of the “safety zone” provided by the mechitza and actually walk a few feet into the mens side, all the while looking like they are committing a MAJOR aveyra……

3) “Oh, my equipment doesn’t draw a lot of Amperage” video/photography guy…..who insists on plugging in to the same outlet that you have a sound system, keyboard, bass, and guitar amps running out of….

4) “I take Drum lessons” guy….who will try to tell the drummer “play a 16th note on the high hat, do a triplet on the kick and then play dotted ¼ notes on the toms”….and then come over to explain after the gig that he is a drummer and was just trying to help (he yells his instructions during a dance set….when you have no idea what he is saying of course).

5) “You don’t know anything HAND WAVE”. I only see this at more Chasidish jobs. Someone will come over and ask for something (make it louder/softer, play faster/slower, this rebbee is here, that rebbe is here, play this niggun, what do you mean you don’t know …….) and when the band leader does not respond fast enough or with the answer that said person is looking for, you get the HAND WAVE and a “FEH” at you as they walk away. (I wonder if that is their version of talk to the hand)
in response to the guy who didn't enjoy the hasc 20 show.

It's funny how two people could view a concert so differently. I couldn't disagree more with the person who wrote those comments.

I thought Avraham Fried was fantastic. Now if your not a fan of Fried then I don't think that qualifies you to judge him in this concert. I am a fan of Fried and every song he did (except the two karaoke ones) were really good. The last two years or so I really feel he has hit a new level in terms of quality and singing. I will agree though that the Orchestra not supplying the music for those two songs was dumb. But even with all that, he himself sounded great during those songs.

On Helfgot/Fried - Again, wow, I sooo disagree. I really think you misread that situation. There is a difference between showing humility and looking disappointed. I think Fried shows great humility when he sings with people like Helfgot or Ohad who can hit those notes that he just can't. He is the first one to admit that they are extremely talented and he gives them his dues. He is a huge Chazzanos fan and I felt that he looked privileged to be able to sing with such a big name in Chazanus.

... and I think they sounded out of this world good together, I think Fried kept up better then anyone would have expected. Oh, and that look on his face when he sat down after it was over, to me at least, seemed like sadness that it was over. I think that he loves Chazanos and if the consumers would allow, he would put more of that on his CD. I would admit that isn't his specialty, but overall I think he does it just fine.

As far as the Gabay/Levine comparisons, only someone who is "one of those people" who just constantly says "it all sounds the same" could make that observation. There are plenty of difference between the two. Boruch Levine, for better or for worse, has a very nasal voice, very high pitched, composes not just his own songs, but has been composing for many other singers too. He also plays an instrument, while Gabay only sings. They sound different, they have very different styles, as I mentioned in my review, track 11's Tamshich is a great example. You won't find a song like that anywhere near a Boruch Levine CD. It's a great rock song that could easily have been on any Jewish rock CD.

If you don't enjoy Fried/Gabay/Levine/Dedi type performers, why on earth would you even attend such a concert.

By the way, my wife thinks all the non Jewish rock bands I listen to all sound the same too. But anyone fan of rock/alt will tell you that Nirvana and The Strokes couldn't sound more different. When your not into a certain genre, then yes, it all sounds the same.