Monday, January 15, 2007

From the mailbag...

Rabbi Shmuel Simenowitz responds to Kelsey Smollen
Kelsey - I understand several copies sold on e-basy for around $80 each! I should have kept a few cases - I could have retired! For those who remember, "Jewish Blues - Out of the Woods" was released circa 1980 - it featured myself, Moshe Antelis on bass, Barry Brenner on drums, a young Gershon Veroba doing a very strong vocal thing and none other than legendary blues guitarist Roy Buchanan on guitar for a couple of scorching duets. It got a tremendous amount of airplay on non-Jewish radio as a result of Roy's participation. It was fairly eclectic stylewise containing country, bluegrass, electric smokin' blues and even reggae (yes there was Jewish reggae before Mattisyahu!) Most of the songs were covers with a couple of strong originals - I ran into Yonah Lloyd (a former guitar student of mine) on a trip to Israel a couple of years ago and my kids were amazed when he sat down and played a very credible version of my "Hino Adol Olam". The vocals were unremarkable but the groove overall was way ahead of its time - I shoulda let Gershon do all the vocals!

By the way I reread her post - the "will pay top dollar" thing - kinda resonated with me. We should hook up - maybe there's a copy or two kicking around still in the shrink wrap. I became an entertainment lawyer, playing my way through college and law school, made it big as a music lawyer, walked away, got my semicha, bought a farm in Vermont, started making maple syrup and now, back on the road, playing and talking about making it big as a music lawyer, walking away, getting my semicha, buying a farm in Vermont, and making maple syrup ! It's good work if you can get it. The Freiliche Farmer - Songs, Stories, and Laughs for your Concert, Kumzits or Farbrengen
Jack Berger writes:
Would you know how to contact Isaac Honig?
Ron Benvenisti writes:
FYI. I gave up on Finale... never used Sibelius. Too many releases and bug fixes kept breaking. I switched to Overture about 3 years ago and never looked back. It has some quirks and a learning curve, but the responsiveness of the vendor has been great. The biggest bonus is that the latest release has VST support so that the latest sample libraries can be used right from the score, with appropriate instrument articulations supported by the score entries and VSTs. Even GenieSoft's low end ScoreWriter 4 is pretty darn good and has VST support for $59 bucks! When I look at the various score software forums, I think it was a good move.
Naftali writes:
At a wedding last week, the Kallah walked down to the chupa to "Tanya", because her name is Tanya. She wanted it with someone singing the words not instrumentally.
Al ta'am v'al re'ach...

PT sends a YouTube video of a recent gig.