Monday, January 01, 2007

From the mailbag...

MoC writes:
I have put up a post about fosterboy. We are looking for a permanent placement for him. I would greatly appreciate a link. I will keep the post there for a month
If you, or anyone you know, would consider fostering, please contact him directly.

Now, on to the rest...

Marisa forwards a link to this Forward article on "Shuckle Rock".

Ron Benvenesti writes:
Under the auspices of the Lakewood Music Education Program, I recently gave a presentation at the Strand Theater in Lakewood on the Music derived from Torah & Tanach. Due to the very positive response, The Ocean County Center for the Arts, will be sponsoring the presentation again. The Ocean County Department of Public Affairs is also seeking other venues for the presentation.

The Lakewood Program is slowly gathering steam, B"H. The county and township are committed to providing the financial and physical resources for the program to serve Lakewood's 15,000 kids with kosher music education. Baruch Hashem, we know about the kids, but we need to find out more about who are the local musicians and especially those who can teach. If you live in Lakewood or Ocean County and play, please contact me at 917-709-1228 or via e-mail, or my website, We need to know who you are and how you might fit into the program, as performers, mentors or teachers. Many thanks to those who have contacted me already.
E. writes:
I'm looking for the exact lyrics of and possible translation and or story behind the song "Kar Bemoskva" which I have only heard sung by Dudu Fisher on the magnificent album entitled "Elokai Neshama" recorded in the late 80's.
Kelsey Smollen writes:
im real into the music and i wanted to know if u knew where i could find "Jewish Blues Out of the Woods"??? Will pay top dollar.
Shooly Goldwag writes:
My name is Shooly (Sol) and I Produce and host 2 Jewish TV Shows on TV (Time Warner 35 - NY), and online (

I came across your blog (I just started one on my own as well) and wanted to share with you and your readers my site, and my shows.
Eitan Katz writes:
hey, ive been mentioned on your website a few times, i put out a CD called L'maancha, my brother shlomo also has been on your website. anyways, im writing to let you know of a concert taking place on january 6th in flatbush, featuring me, my brother shlomo and ari boiangiu, im sure youve heard of him... anyways, if you could put the link for the as on your website that would be great. its at
Yonah forwards a James Brown story that Treppenwitz has since blogged here.

Ruby Harris writes:
Recent legend has it that the last words of the great James Brown were “I don’t feel so good”.
Good night, Brother James.
MoC forwards a link to "Marc and Ligg's Hamish Music Buffet".

Mordy Shinefield forwads a link to his post, "Best Jewish Music 2006".

Shai Perelman of the group "Groyse Metsie" writes:
Hi, I am a member of Jewish Progressive Klezmer Band , and I thought that our music will be interesting for you

You can check our music at: (4 free downloads of full tracks from our new CD!)

or at our website