Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Finale vs. Sibelius Revisited

A little over a year ago, I wrote a series of posts about why I was switching from Finale to Sibelius. Those posts were

"Any Sibelius users out there?", "Sibelius vs. Finale (for A.G.)", "Sibelius Vs. Finale Part I", and "Blog in Dm: Sibelius Vs. Finale Part II".

Ever since I posted those, I've been getting lots of hits on searches comparing the two programs. I've also gotten emails and calls asking for help/advice. I'm pretty sure I've sold more than a few copies of Sibelius as a result. And to think that if Finale cared about customer service, I'd never have tried Sibelius.

At any rate, I recently needed to edit the layout on some Finale files for an upcoming CD's liner notes, and working with Finale's annoying GUI again made me appreciate Sibelius even more. The edits I needed to make -- mainly layout related, but some lyrics and music as well --would have taken much less time in Sibelius. I'm still quite happy with Sibelius and I'd recommend it highly. They have a nice competitive upgrade offer, so if you're a Finale user and are curious...

Amazon has it here: