Wednesday, January 10, 2007

1/10/07 link dump (Google fixed BlogThis! edition)

One of the reasons I've been posting less recently was that when I switched to the new Blogger, the "BlogThis!" function I'd been using to code links easily broke. Google has now fixed this. So, here's another link dump -- in no particular order -- of some stuff I bookmarked since the last one.

Jewschool links to a video of an interview Matisyahu did with Dutch magazine Revu.
In a May 2006 interview with Dutch magazine Revu, the Hasidic superstar whose real Hebrew name is Feivish Hershel, tells his interviewer that he’s not happy, that religion doesn’t make him happy, and that he “pretty much” stopped using drugs. Feivish abruptly ends the interview seemingly disdainful of having to answer the reporter’s questions.
Prior to watching the clip last week, I'd read comments on other sites (I don't remember where, so no links) defending M's responses and saying the interviewer was rude, etc. In my opinion, the questions were all fair and the tone doesn't seem disrespectful on her end. Matisyahu on the other hand was offensive and his answers are revealing. This video is a very good example of the dangers of promoting artists on the basis of religious belief and sincerity. It's a huge chillul Hashem.

L-o-R has linked to two video clips (here and here) of Matisyahu on late night shows. Underwhelming. At this point, this is just sad. He should take some time off.

The Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage is carrying "Palestine Lives!: Songs from the Struggle of the People of Palestine". I wonder if they'll pick up Dov Shurin's "Nekama" album for balance!

Ben Jacobson reviews Lev Tahor 4 .
The Lev Tahor franchise is a successful one in the religious pop world, which only serves to highlight how desperately in need of originality and true inspiration the genre has become.
Here's an article about "Teaneck's Shomer Shabbos Blues Band".

Jewlicious writes about the Reboot Stereophonic release "Jewface".

Here's a nice Chazzan Pinchik Shavous Mussaf.

Speaking of Chazzanut, I'm Haaretz, Ph.D.writes about Chazzan Helfgott's performance at last month's concert.
At last month's Cantors World annual concert, Cantor Itche Meir Helfgot surprised the crowd with a beautiful rendition of "Nessun Dorma" from Puccini's opera "Turandot". Helfgot stood in reckel and zukin and delivered one of the most beautiful arias every written, with all the right nuance and romance (see lyrics below). It was truly a sight. The crowd, made up largely of chassidim, went absolutely wild, screaming "Bravo" in their best Italian.
MOChassid comments on a fashion tren he's calling "Shiny Shoe Glasses".

Speaking of MoC, he's planning another CD.

*Cosmic X writes about guitarist Dani Maman.

Finally, I wants me a Box Bass!