Monday, January 01, 2007

1/1/07 Mega Link Dump

Still Wonderin' takes on MBD. Itzik S. also piles on too. Dag joins in as well

Canonist posts his "Jewish Dancing Video of the Day". Wonder who the band was.

Once a week, God throws a party and you're invited!

Heichal Haneginah writes about a new Modzitzer recording.

L-O-R posts a video clip of Tom Petty and Avraham Rosenblum in the Old City.

Here's Steve Albini on record deals.

"Uberimma" reviews "U'shmuel B'korei Sh'mo".

Dylan plays Hava Nagila.

It's a little late... but we couldn't pass up The Dreidel Song! It's in Dm, natch!

Mozart's music is now online.

Divrei Chaim (not the Sanzer) writes about when one should skip "Shalom Aleichem".

The Procol Harum organist wins his suit.

So, a few drummers invade a home...

A Simple Jew reviews Karduner's Breslov Melave Malka. I'm interested inhearing this one.

Be Good, Be Cool, Be Fake Jewish!

Tzig writes "Clueless Shluchim Make for BT Rappers".

Check out the new New Keith Jarret release.

Finally, some great moments in jewish video: Shwekey and some Amish guy!!! (Shwekey video via Aryeh.)