Thursday, January 25, 2007

1/25/06 AM Links

Oh look! It's another multi-million dollar JM lawsuit. Disclaimer: No ex-Chevra members were harmed in the filing of this lawsuit!

The Jewish Week covers the new R' Shlomo musical. It's beginning workshop performances this weekend at the JCC in Mnahattan. Jason Alexander declined the project, but Elli Kranzler and Neshama Carlebach are in. So is Grammy-nominated jazz singer Carla Cook.

MOChassid comments on iPods and the state of Chareidi CD sales.

The J-Post reviews Y-Love. If true, this is probably not the kind of coverage you'd want in an international newspaper.
On "Devine Dress Code," Y-Love boasts about having little respect for intellectual property laws, which jives well with the disc's choice of sampled riffs and other elements. Chances are slim that DJ Handler went through the proper channels and obtained the rights to use Ray Charles' "I Got a Woman," JJ Fad's old-school "Supersonic," Otis Redding's "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" and Aphex Twin's breakbeat jungle "Windowlicker."
Of course, the writer might want to verify said assertion before publishing a statement like that. Another lawsuit, anyone?