Thursday, January 18, 2007

1/18/07 Link Dump

Pitchfork reviews Matisyahu's latest effort.
Finally, the humorless scolds of the world have a reggae star to call their own.
Via "Ein Od Milvado!"

Attention Williger fan, you can check out "Al Tistakel" , a track off of his upcoming album here. It's the first track that loads automatically in the player when you visit that site.

Here's a fun YouTube clip of Menachem Herman performing Shlomo's "M'heira". Not exactly the way R' Shlomo played it.

The Jewish Press covers some frum female performers. Via Jewish Blogmeister

Here's a setup line meant as a compliment to Nishmat Hatzafon: "the very bones of the group creak with originality and talent". Imagine if they didn't like them.

THE LIFE-OF-RUBIN BLOG posts a pic of a Dedi video clip shown at the HASC concert this past Sunday. In the clip, Dedi discusses his weight issues. The blurb at the bottom ID's Dedi as "Jewish Music's BIGGEST star". And you thought it couldn't get any worse.