Thursday, March 08, 2007

Purim Peep - The Purim Jerk

In our continuing series of peeps...

"The Purim Jerk"
The "Purim Jerk" comes in two flavors. Purim Jerk #1 is essentially nice guy with some character flaws. All year long, he tries to overcome them, but on Purim, thanks to the alchohol, he loses the battle. Purim Jerk #2 is a jerk year-round. He uses Purim as an excuse to be exceptionally nasty because he can get away with it.

Here are some illustrations of the differences.

Purim Jerk #1 inadvertently insults the bandleader by saying "play something good" when he wants to hear the Shwekey "hit."
Purim Jerk #2 deliberately insults the bandleader by saying "What the hell are you playing this !@#$ for? Play something good!" when he wants to hear the Shwekey "hit."

Both Purim Jerks come up and ask to sing with the band. If you say no...

Purim Jerk #1 keeps pleading "C'mon", "I'm good", etc.
Purim Jerk #2 namecalls, curses and threatens.

If you let them sing...

Purim Jerk #1 sings a bit loudly at times.
Purim Jerk #2 screams into the mic deliberately instead of singing.

Purim Jerk #1 drops the mic out of carelessness when he's finished singing.
Purim Jerk #2 drums with the mic on the table.

Purim Jerk #1 accidentally stumbles into one of the musicians/instruments as he's entering/leaving the bandstand.
Purim Jerk #2 shoves his way straight through the entire band.