Wednesday, March 28, 2007

From the mailbag...

Jonathan Steinberg writes:
I came across your blog and thought you might be interested in these two Rabbonim from Manchester UK who are playing amazing new music. Some video footage from a recent event can be found here and here.
Anon comments on " The Shwekey Shrug"::
I guess that reminds me of the Fried Shrug ("So, can you play Mi Ma?"), the Dedi Shrug ("So, can you play Od Yishama Sound-Off?" (Remember that one? Repeat after me: KOL sa-SON v'KOL sim-CHAAA...)), the Dachs Shrug ("So, can you play Im Eshkachech - no, not the Shwekey one...") and the Wald Shrug ("So, can you play..." come to think of it, did Wald have a hit after Sameach?...) Usually, the only ones who recover from Shrug Albums are MBD (because he's MBD), or guys who develop niches - think Fried's Chabad albums, or Williger's Carlebach Nusach albums, or Lipa being Lipa. Truth is, Yaakov Shwekey is young, is very personable, and has a great set of pipes, so he's probably far from done. Also, in my opinion, Ma Ma Ma is far from the best cut on the new album - some of the slow tunes are gorgeous, particularly his remake of "Tatte Tatte". Still, he might want to explore some niche ideas - a totally Sephardic Shwekey album, for instance, is an intriguing idea. How 'bout it?
I just can't see the point in people asking for music they acknowledge they don't even like!

E. forwards a link to a "more complete poster" of the Moshiach concert. We've been fortunate enough to acquire one of these fine pieces of art for Chateau Dm.

Sruly Meyer writes:
Here are 2 full length songs available for download from Sameach. Yossi and Yerachmiel's Ma Nishtana and a brand new song from Yerachmiel Ziegler called "Yom Shekulo" with keyboard and synths by Gavrial Sacks. It's all available for free from Sameach's podcast site.