Monday, March 19, 2007

3/19/07 Link Dump (Messianic Jews edition)

The Town Crier posts about the upcoming concert to greet the late Lubavitcher Rebbe Melech Hamoshiach. This yaer, the annual farce is featuring MBD, Lipa, and Yaakov Shwekey again. Their participation is embarrassing. Altz far gelt!

Here's the concert poster:

Ben Jacobson is reviewing Aviad Cohen's Messianic album "Hooked On The Truth" in the Jerusalem Post. The former "50 Shekel", Cohen is now a Messianic Christian. Disclaimer notwithstanding, I think Jacobson is wrong for highlighting this music in a Jewish music column.

Here's an interesting New York Sun article on music composed by poeple imprisoned in jails and concentration camps during World War Two.

Here's the lede:
A waltz. A tango. A piece of jazz. But they weren't composed in Vienna, Buenos Aires or New Orleans.

Scribbled on diaries, loose pages or even toilet paper, these are the notes left behind by people who lived and died in the prisons and concentration camps of World War II.

Italian researchers hope thousands of nearly forgotten works will find new life as they assemble a library of music composed or played in those dark places between 1933 and 1945.

"We are trying to right a great wrong: These musicians were hoping for a musical life for themselves, and they would have had it if their destiny had been different," said Italian musician Francesco Lotoro.

He has been collecting originals, copies and recordings of everything from operas composed in the depth of the Nazi death machine to jazz pieces written in Japanese POW camps in Asian jungles.

The Jewish Week profiles Heedoosh. Their debut disc is on the Dm review stack.

Also in The Jewish Week, an article about Jake Shulman-Ment's Hungarian-Klez project.