Wednesday, March 07, 2007

3/7/07 Link Dump

Srully Meyer is asking for your input on an article he's writing about great CD's that haven't been noticed.

The Klezmer Shack has posted Cantor Sam Weiss' article "Congregational Singing in Hasidic Congregations."

Here's a Dei'ah Vedibbur article: "Noise Meters to be Installed at Bnei Brak Wedding Halls.
The foundation of the regulations is a directive requiring all owners of events halls and outdoor venues to install a noise meter, a microphone near the dance floor and an electrical-current meter connected to the sound system and a warning light.

The regulations call for a system that, following a 30-second warning, automatically cuts off the electricity to the amplification system when the noise level exceeds 85 decibels in the seating areas.
Teruah is plugging Shlock Rock.

Yo, Yenta! blogs about singer/songwriter Beth Schafer.

As Far As The I Can See comments on some JM reviews:
Now, after reading other people's reviews I have this to say. If your problem with a song is that you don't like the way the bass and the drums compliment each other, well good on you, but you shouldn't be regarded as an opinion that people should really care about. And
This is middle eastern meets new age techno. It’ an interesting concept with some digital vocals. It then goes into a straight ahead sephardic feel hora.
is not a review. Just saying what's on the CD doesn't make it a review. Sure we're impressed by your ability to use terms that we ourselves wouldn't use, but so what? If you're writing a review, just write a review. Tell us what you thought about the album.
Finally, the RIAA is trying to kill webcasts.