Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3/13/07 Link Dump

Over at Rootless Cosmopolitan, Rokhl notes that Alicia Svigals is curating April at the Stone. It's a very neat lineup. Check it out!

A Hassidic Musician would be remiss if he didn't note that The Kosove Rebbe, HaRav Mendel Hager, gave a P'sak Halachah that it is muttar to copy CD's for any use, even for distribution, as long as there was no money made from it. The Rebbe is, of course, wrong about IPR, but right on about Aderet's "CD rental" policy. (Biber hat tip, The Town Crier.)

Sruly M. writes "YouTube: But Please Don't." He postes an email he received in response to a request to remove Sameach material from YouTube.

The above two links illustrate the issue the JM industry faces with regard to attitudes about downloading, illegal, copying, and other IP infringements. It's going to take a combination of education and legal efforts to effect change, I think. Mostly education.

THE LIFE-OF-RUBIN BLOG has posted a review of Shloime Gertner's debut album.

Eurovision hypocrites? Say it ain't so.

Some more Joo-ish music... with a Hungarian flavor. Here's "I Will Survive."

Ever hear a one-man-band playing wrong chords or off key? Buy him one of these keyboards. You can even say "Oh, I really studied music."

From the NY Sun: "They Never Lose Their Keys."

Here's SawLady's Blog, the blog of a woman who plays musical saw in the NYC subway.