Thursday, March 01, 2007

3/1/07 Link Dump (mostly Purim edition)

Last night, Israel selected its Eurovision entry for this year: Teapacks -- Push the Button. Naturally, it's controversial. Word is MBD's already writing Yiddish lyrics.

Here's a great bottle-dancing video clip from 7 Adar in Meron.

Fox reports "Sales of Rap Albums Take Stunning Nosedive". I blame Ta Shma and Matisyahu.

Ben Jacobson reviews both Rav Shmuel discs. Did you know there were two? I didn't.

YudelLine posts a link to "Dylan hears a Who!" It's better than Suessical!

The Jerusalem Post reports on a song mourning the demise of Zionism's ideals. Betcha the Eurovision folks would prefer this one.

Jewess profiles Galeet Dardashti of Divahn.

Heichal Hanegina posts "SAVED BY A PURIM SONG."

Amishav writes "Shushanian Rhapsody- A Purim Song."

Teruah posts several Purim videos including one of Shlock Rock playing a Purim medley. (Hi, PT!) The third clip features Jessica Reiner-Harris singing "Beauty and the Beast" Purim Style.