Monday, March 12, 2007

The Peeps Come Marching In

Yes, we've got more...

The Hotel Guest
The Hotel Guest is an attendee at a weekend or holiday getaway who is staying through Sunday. Think Gateways and the like. She always has requests for "one more song" when the band is finished playing at Melave Malka on Motzei Shabbos. Never mind that it's 1 AM and the musicians have to pack up, at least an hours' drive home, and a gig the next morning. Since she's got nowhere to go, we've got to stay too. Not to be confused with the "just one more song" people at a wedding, the Hotel Guest is bored and wants you to stay just to entertain them, even if the rest of the guests have retired for the night.

The Hatikvah Guy
The Hatikvah Guy is a right-wing yeshivish man teaching at an MO school we occasionally play events for. At this school, assemblies are always closed with the singing of Hatikvah. Needless to say, Hatikvah guy can not sing such a treif song, chas v'shalom, yet, he doesn't want to lose his job over the issue either. So he finds ways to occupy himself constructively while the anthem is sung, urging his students to stand up, be respectful, participate, etc. We're pretty sure the administration has no idea that he won't sing the song on principle. When we play the song, we always make sure to make eye contact with Hatikava guy. He knows we know.

The "One Man Band" Fanatic
The One Man Band Fanatic is the guy who prefers to have a one man band as opposed to a full band at his wedding on musical grounds. He pleads with his father to cancel the band he's already hired so that he can have a "yeshivish" sound at his simcha. It's not about saving money, or complying with wedding takanos; it's about the "yeshivishe sound." Note to parents: if your son is a "one-man-band fanatic", please don't embarrass him by hiring an eight piece Neshoma band. He'll never forgive you for embarrasing him in front of his friends like that. Besides, everyone knows a one-man-band sounds exactly like a killer live ensemble. [/sarcasm]