Sunday, August 10, 2008

Three Weeks in B'klyn

Sounds like the Bein Hametzarim were rocking this year in B'klyn...

In addition to the Three Weeks shindig we noted here, Ohel threw a BBQ bash during the Nine Days.

Here's a recent letter to the editor published in Hamodia with Ohel CEO David Mandel's response.

It seems odd that the way that community observes some halachos and minhagim punctiliously, while stretching others -- to be charitable, (no, I couldn't resist the pun) -- beyond recognition.

Mandel forgot to mention that in addition to Nine Days BBQ's, Ohel's Mara D'asra Shlita also permits tax fraud, gezel akum, and infringing intellectual property.

Update: For those who think the line above is just snark, it isn't. Ohel's Mara D'Asra is on public record as permitting the above mentioned.