Thursday, August 21, 2008

From the mailbag...

Jordan Hirsch writes:
I double checked with Rabbi Adler tonight. He did not say that there were more victims out there. The Jewish Week got the story wrong. He said that if there were more victims out there, they had an obligation to come forward. It is still more than any other Rabbi has done, and indeed, Rabbi Adler was the only RCBC Rabbi to publicly apologize for the RCBC's role in the Lanner story, but by getting it wrong, the JW implied that Rabbi Alder knew something he in fact does
not know.
The importance of fact-checking... Of course, then the JW wouldn't have had a story. Look for a retraction?

Meanwhile, here's the current article on the subject, "More Victims Sought In Yeshiva Photo Scandal", which repeats the claim that Rabbi Adler asserted there were more victims in his August 9th address.

Yosef Nanach writes:
Sounds to me that this Lipa controversy is a precursor to the outbreak of Na Nach. I don't know what Lipa's lyrics are about, but the use of Holy Lyrics sung by a Kosher singer to "secular" or "secular style" music is a very Na Nach thing, Rebbe Nachman teaches about this. Thanks for posting. Peace and Love Yoseph Na Nach.
J. writes:
What they did at ma na vu was bad for chinuch?

Would you want your kids to just blindly accept everything and anything a Rabbi tells him to do without question ?
I’m not in favor of blindly accepting what rabbis say; especially the rabbis who signed the Lipa ban. Hey, just read my blog! But teaching young kids to be disrespectful, instead of teaching them to articulate questions/challenges is bad chinuch. From an intellectual standpoint, it’s just as wrong to be knee-jerk anti.

Joe Flix writes:
I put in some work here, I tried my best. Please please give me a link and some feedback :) - thanks so much! Joel

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