Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8/20/08 Link Dump

Life-Of-Rubin thinks copying someone else's concept is unethical.

He also calls Matisyahu the "Shmully Boteach of the Music world." Ouch. BTW, check out Matisyahu's bio on Kenneth Cole's site. Here's the intro 'graph:
The past four years have been fraught with excitement and challenges for Matisyahu and his band mates. Since the release of his 2004 debut, Shake Off The Dust... ARISE, Matisyahu has continued to bring his uncanny, electrifying fusion of orthodox Judaism and classic reggae music to millions of new listeners. His first release on Epic Records, Live at Stubbs, a highly successful live concert recording from the famous venue in Austin TX, has sold nearly 700,000 copies and is certified Gold.
Notice anything missing?

Like this:

Jack is a poshiter yid!

An Israeli Chabad rabbi speaks out against concert bans. Shturem reports in האם העסקנים דוחקים את הנוער למחוזות מפוקפקים Via Chrudge.