Tuesday, August 19, 2008

(Ginning Up) Rage Against Lipa

Some folks are trying to stir up outrage against Lipa Schmeltzer on account of the Camp Ma-Na-Vu Color War breakout.

Someone named "rover" has been spamming the comments section of many blogs with the following comment, which is not related to the post it was left on.
Looks like Lipa’s is on track for a head-on collision with the “Gedolim”


Get ready for the big ban 2 . . .
Here’s the actual video of what happened:

Spammed blogs include:
Emes Ve-Emunah 08.18.08 - 8:52 am | #

Jewish Blogmeister 9:50 AM

Orthonomics August 18, 2008 9:53 AM

DovBear 08.18.08 - 9:53 am | #

The Muqata 4:54 PM, August 18, 2008

Those are just the ones I've found. There may well be more. "rover" has been pretty busy. I suspect he is one of the Hamercaz people. After accounting for time zone differences on these blogs, it seems that all of those link comments were left within three minutes of the Hamercaz post going up. (Hamercaz's "News" page has a helpful feature telling you exactly how long ago each story went up for the first half day or so after it's posted and I compared the times.) "rover" is definitely trying to stir up controversy about this, as are the Hamercaz people with the publication of this article. The article's point, such as it is, is clearly trying to boost the pro-ban "activists" as well as rile them up. It's not just reporting, as there was no controversy without their soliciting of the kanoim's opinions. And, they didn't quote anyone with another perspective.

On this very topic, Life-of-Rubin busts Hamercaz for lifting his material. Nice! Word is the folks behind Hamercaz are the American Yated Ne'eman people. Whoever they are, they might want to buy (and read) these books. I suppose it is to be expected these days that the folks pushing "frum outrage" would seem ethically challenged themselves. Sad that its come to this, though. "Frum" people should hold themselves to a higher standard.

Incidentally, I do agree that the message sent by the breakout is/was bad for chinuch. However, ultimately the blame lies not with the camp staff who took a fair shot at an out-of-control Chareidi leadership, but with the "kanoim" who act that way in the first place and the rabbonim who don't stand up for emes and yashrus. The man playing the "aggrieved rabbi" did a spot-on impersonation (in the beginning of the clip) of actual behavior I've seen from vantage points on and off the bandstand.