Tuesday, August 19, 2008

8/19/08 Link Dump

The Jewish Week reports that the principal of TABC, Rabbi Yosef Adler, asserted that there are more victims of Adam Melzer, in a speech at his shul on Shabbos a week ago. Following our commentor's criticism, Vos Iz Neias posts the Jewish Week story with Melzer's name. Progress.

Teruah coins a new term, "funkish." He's got an equation to explain it: "Jewish + Funky - most of the funkiness." Oh dear.

Gruntig posts "Rock en Role Wedding with Lipa." At least it's not a concert!

Here's a nice piece, "The Practice of Ear Training," by Dave Douglas.

How to spread your original music, a Na Nach primer. With help from the Yeshivah of South Fallsburg Bochurim.

Finally, it's time for Hilarious Muppets Bloopers! Gotcha!