Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mini Link Dump (Michael Brecker Update edition)

Here's a New York Sun review of Herbie Hancok's Carnegie Hall show. Michael Brecker was a surprise guest.
Introducing "One-Finger Snap," from the 1964 album "Empyrean Isles," Mr. Hancock told the crowd that the tune "really needs a horn player," which proved the cue for the major surprise of the evening. The tenor saxophonist Michael Brecker, who has been out of commission while fighting the effects of myelodysplastic syndrome for the last three years, strode onstage triumphantly, as if he had never been away, as the sold-out house leapt to its feet in approval.

Now a quartet, the four men came together in a way I have rarely seen in an all-star jazz concert, and they tore through Mr. Hancock's oft-recorded composition. When Mr. Brecker reached his high note, almost a multi-phonic climax, it felt like the kind of moment many in the hall would someday tell their grandchildren about.
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