Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Are Jewish Bands Price Gouging? cont...

A different "Anon" responds to Are Jewish Bands Price Gouging?:
I am appalled at the suggestion that there is price gouging in the JM business. By and large, Jewish wedding musicians make money in spite of their musical employment, not because of it. While those who own the bands make decent money, not one, including Shelley Lang, owner of the busiest band in the business, makes as much money in profit as the caterer of the simcha where the bands perform. I am one of the busiest musicians in the field, and my income from the music business breaks $50,000 only because I also book a number of bands. Without my wife's income and my part time teaching gig, I would not be able to support my family. Even a six figure income would hardly be an indication of price gouging, considering the expense of living in the NYC area.