Sunday, June 25, 2006

From the mailbag...

Nextbook's Alissa Neil writes:
We thought you would be interested in the following audio feature on Galeet Dardashti, the lead singer of the Austin-based band Divahn, the only all-female ensemble performing Mizrakhi-influenced music (Jewish music from the Middle East and North Africa) in the US, just posted to Nextbook:

"Galeet Dardashti, granddaughter of acclaimed singer Yona Dardashti, talks with Sara Ivry about the Arab-Jewish music craze currently taking-off in Israel and shares samples of her own songs along with some of her Grandfather’s."

Here's the link.
Ozer writes:
Can you recommend any CDs or downloads for Yiddishe niggunim played on harmonica (any key)?

zei g'bencht & kol tuv.
I'm not aware of any specifically yiddishe music projects featuring harmonica, but I'd reccomend checking out Shtreiml, a klezmer band featuring great harmonica playing. Also, harmonica wiz Howard Levy has recorded some jewish music too. Finally, the Diaspora yeshiva Band features harmonica on some of their recordings as well.

Michael Chusid forwards a letter he apparently sent to the jewish Press.
Drear Jewish Press,

I am no longer a supporter of the Yisheva Boys Choir. This change of heart has absolutely nothing to do with the boys themselves. Those fine young men sing with their hearts and souls and with the sincerity of a child. Their support staff on the other hand is a whole another issue. I forwarded an e-mail to them regarding a particular track on one of their cds. I have been searching for the lyrics for weeks now. I tend to lose thngs more easily then I would like to. I have lost the lyrics to that particular track and asked if the staff at YBC would be kind enough to e-mail me a copy of it. Simple enough request one would think. Not in their way of thinking it seems. I received a response e-mail glowing with how happy they were that I
enjoy their music and all. It came replete with a gazillion links to sites at which even more products might be purchased by them. On the subject of the lyrics, An individual by the name of Avi indicated to me that he had sent me an attachment of the lyrics in question. I have that e-mail and it contains 0 attachments. My point is simply this. I am old school. I believe that if you treat those that purchase your products/services it will sustain continued support from those supporters. If you however only attempt to gouge people by giving them more and more links to products without adding a little common business sense then that support sours. And the support by me has soured to the point that it would make a lemon blush. Is the cheapness of refusing to email the lyrics to KOL HASHEM by the Yisheva Boys Choir that dear to their hearts, that of the support staff, that they would chance allienating former supporters ? It seems so. The boys are great. G-d forbid they should pick up any of the business practices of their support staff, especially Mr. Avi. It,s really a shame that we treat one another in such a vein. We have so many that hate us. Do we need to treat one another with such rank cheapness ?
Seems more than a tad over the top. I'd bet the attachment was accidentally omitted and that a follow up email would have quickly resolved the issue.

Update: Sruly from Sameach music (YBC's distributor) sends in the lyric Mr. Chusid requested.